Division Staff

Central Office (540) 434-2752/Fax (540) 434-2923
Sandi Thorpe       Executive Director of Special Programs
April Howard       Executive Director of Psychological and Student Services
Ann Conners       Coordinator of Special Transportation
Karen Lindberg       Supervisor of Communication and Related Services
Karen Casey       Administrative Assistant
Loretta Clark       Medicaid Coordinator
Doris Dahmer       Bookkeeper
Janice Knupp       Secretary
Erin King       School Psychologist – SES/SMES
Emma Richer       School Psychologist – WES/Unenrolled Pre-K
Jason Rutt       School Psychologist – SSES/SKMS
Tiffany Hornsby       School Psychological Resident – HHS/School Social Worker - SMES
Kay Allyn       School Social Worker – SES/THMS
Chloe Jerlinski       School Social Worker – HHS/FAPT
Andrea Meredith       School Social Worker – SSES/SKMS
Sarah Wygant       School Social Worker – KES/WES
Mattias Clymer       Behavioral Specialist
Erin Holt       Behavioral Analyst
Kitti Robinson       Behavioral Analyst
Kristina Zaccaria       Behavioral Analyst
Donna Faulconer       ECSE Itinerant
Joy Gullman       Occupational Therapist
Morina Lamb       Visual Impairment
Therese Leigh       Occupational Therapist
Marissa Lorton       Hearing Impairment
Carrie Martell       Special Education Instructional Specialist
Jill Martorana       Autism Specialist
Jan Rhodes       ECSE Itinerant
Gail Schnider       Speech-Language Pathologist/CLM Coach
Jennifer Tharpe       Physical Therapist
Joan Wingfield       Assistive Technology
Keister Elementary (540) 434-6585/Fax (540) 434-4452 
Kiki Wooten       Virginia Preschool Initiative (VPI)
Emily Chase       Virginia Preschool Initiative (VPI)
Dawn Hall       Resource/Section 504 Coordinator
Alex Johnson       Resource/Child Study Chairperson
Amanda Reid       Speech-Language Pathologist/Child Study Chairperson 
Smithland Elementary (540) 434-6075/Fax (540) 434-6059
Mary Marshburn       Resource/Section 504 Coordinator
Kinya Walker       Resource/Child Study Chairperson
Heather Hyde       Speech-Language Pathologist
Spotswood Elementary (540) 434-3429/Fax (540) 434-4453
Sarah Gerber       Resource/Section 504 Coordinator
Amy Labarge       Resource/Child Study Chairperson
Michelle Edwards       Behavioral Specialist
Rebecca Wickline       Speech-Language Pathologist/Child Study Chairperson
Stone Spring Elementary (540) 574-1199/Fax (540) 432-0053
Lacey Berns       Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE)
Lisa Heatwole       Virginia Preschool Initiative (VPI)
Ashley Anderson       Virginia Preschool Initiative (VPI)
Lauren Smith       Virginia Preschool Initiative (VPI)
Anne Marie Warren       Virginia Preschool Initiative (VPI)
Kristi West       Virginia Preschool Initiative (VPI)
Amanda Wolcott       Virginia Preschool Initiative (VPI)/Child Study Chairperson
Michelle Bennett       Autism
Kimberly Baird       Autism
Meagan Driver       Autism
Danielle Fournier       Multiple Disabilities
Robin Hottinger       Resource/Section 504 Coordinator
Melissa Perritt       Resource/Child Study Chairperson
Misty Kirkpatrick       Speech-Language Pathologist
Julie Yoder       Speech-Language Pathologist
Waterman Elementary (540) 434-8352/Fax (540) 434-9996
Cynthia Knott       Virginia Preschool Initiative (VPI)
Lauren Weston       Virginia Preschool Initiative (VPI)
Katie Zigler       Virginia Preschool Initiative (VPI)
Kim Bollinger       Resource
Annette Loker       Child Study Chairperson
Jennifer Wright       Aligned Standards of Learning (ASOL)/Child Study Chairperson
Kelly Shenk       Speech-Language Pathologist
Joan Wingfield       Speech-Language Pathologist
Skyline Middle School (540) 434-6862/Fax (540) 434-6453
Kelsey Bass       Resource
Connie Ferency-Viars       Resource
Jen Petry       Resource
Marianne DaRosa       Aligned Standards of Learning (ASOL)
Deb Figliola       Resource/Child Study Chairperson
Julie Thurston       Multiple Disabilities/Child Study Chairperson
Nathaniel Williams       Resource
Heather Hyde       Speech-Language Pathologist
Thomas Harrison Middle School (540) 434-1949/Fax (540) 434-4052
Julie Hart       Resource
Roy McDonald       Resource
Lisa McQueen       Autism
Maria Perry       Resource
Elena Zimmermann       Resource
Jessica Mendez-Thompson       Child Study Chairperson
Cara Frongia       Speech-Language Pathologist
Harrisonburg High School (540) 433-2651/Fax (540) 433-3595
Rachel Bolyard       Resource/Child Study Chairperson
Julie Foster       Hearing Impairment
David Long       Resource
Lisa Long       Aligned Standards of Learning (ASOL)
Durmont Perry       Resource
Melanie Smith       Resource/Section 504 Coordinator
Christopher Sorber       Resource
Chris Thurman       Resource
Paige Vass       Autism
Karen Whetzel       Resource
Walt Williamson       Aligned Standards of Learning (ASOL)
Cara Frongia       Speech-Language Pathologist