Frequently Ask Questions

Does it cost to have my child evaluated for special education services?

  • No. All evaluation components are provided free of charge. 

How do I find out if my child needs special education services?

  • Contact the principal of your child's school. The principal will then have the school's Child Study Committee determine if an evaluation for special education services is necessary. 

What do I do as a parent if I have a disagreement concerning my child's special education program or placement?

  • Ask for a conference with your child's teacher and principal. Should the problem still be unresolved, contact the Executive Director of Psychological and Student Services and request an explanation of your rights as provided through due process procedures.

If my child does need special education services, will he/she have to go to a different school?

  • Probably not. Most students with a disability receive assistance at their community school. In some cases where a student requires more intensive programming, special transportation is provided to another school which will have the particular resource required for the student to receive a free and appropriate public education.